Electrical Design > Electrical Design > Using Components in Multiple Views > To Create a New Multiple View Definition
To Create a New Multiple View Definition
1. Click Format > Multi-View Component Gallery or Multi-View Connector Gallery. The MULTI VW DEF menu appears.
2. Click Define to create a multiple view definition.
3. Enter a name for it in the information line when prompted and press ENTER. The MULTI REDEF and GET SYMBOL menus appear.
4. Select an appropriate command from the MULTI REDEF menu.
The parameter Model_Name for a multiple view component is defined in the definition of the MVC and is retained even when a view of an instance of the MVC is placed.
Parameters that apply to MVCs have no effect on the original symbols.
5. Click Add View to add a symbol to the MVC definition. You can select a symbol by name, select an instance of an existing symbol, or retrieve a symbol from disk. Repeat this step until you have added all the symbols required to define your MVC.
You can add the same symbol multiple times.
6. Click Delete View to remove any unwanted symbols from your MVC definition.
By default, the pins on the symbols you add to your MVC definition assume the names defined in the symbol definitions. Conflicts are automatically resolved using extensions _c0, _c1, and so on.
7. Click Pin Names to re-define the pin names for the MVC. You are given each symbol’s name, its pin names, and the corresponding multiple view component pin name. Modify any MVC pin name as needed.
8. Click Done from the MULTI REDEF menu. A new MVC is defined with the name you specified using the symbols you added.
9. To save this MVC to disk, click Write from the MULTI VW DEF menu. Select the new MVC definition that you have specified and click OK in the Select MVC Definitions dialog box. The MVC definition is saved with a .mvc extension.