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About Grouping Connector and Component Symbols
There are groups of symbols that are usually used repeatedly in many different diagrams and multiple times in a single diagram. These groups typically consist of a component symbol and several connector symbols. You can define a group of single view components, connectors, and detail symbols that can move, scale, rotate, and mirror all together.
An example of a symbol group is a cooling fan component, whose symbol is grouped with the power and control connectors that always appear with it.
All symbol parameters, text, and geometry are taken from the individual symbol definitions. All symbols that are included in the component group must have the option for free placement in their definition.
You cannot use a multiple-view connector (MVC) to represent the group because every item belonging to this group is either a connector or a component and must have its own parameters and reference designators. For a multiple-view component or connector, the reference designators and the parameters are defined across all the views of a MVC definition.