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To Modify a Component Group Definition
1. Click Format > Component Group Gallery. The CMP GRP DEF menu appears.
2. Click Redefine. The GET CMPGRPDEF menu appears and the Select Comp Group Definitions dialog box opens at the same time.
3. Select the component group to redefine. It can be a symbol, component, or a connector and click OK. The CMPGRP_EDIT_<NAME> window opens and the CMPGRP EDIT menu appears at the same time.
4. If you want to add a new member to the component group, click Insert > Component Group View from the CMPGRP_EDIT_<NAME> window. The GET SYMBOL menu appears.
5. Click Retrieve to select the symbol, connector, or component you want to edit. You can also use the Name and Pick Inst commands to select existing symbols in the diagram from the Select Comp Group Definitions dialog box.
6. When you have placed all the symbols for the group in the window click Quit. The ADJUST INST menu appears.
7. Use the commands in the ADJUST INST menu to relocate, resize, or rotate the component by 90 degrees and click Done.
8. Click Quit in the GET SYMBOL menu.
9. If you want to change the origin of the component group, click Set Origin in the CMPGRP EDIT menu to change the origin of the component group definition. The GET POINT menu appears.
10. Use the commands in the GET POINT menu to select a point and set the origin.
You cannot change the location of an individual member after it is placed on the diagram sheet. If you move (drag) an individual member of the group, the other members of the group also move. This is because the physical location of the members in a group is defined at the group definition level.
11. Click Done from the CMPGRP EDIT menu.
You can add symbols that are not components or connector object types to the component group, but you must add them as plain symbol instances with no parameters.