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Print Features Available with PTC Arbortext Layout Developer
All Arbortext Styler UI options can be handled via all three print engines available in a PTC Arbortext environment — PTC ALD, FOSI, and XSL-FO. Certain print/PDF output requirements require the use of PTC Arbortext Layout Developer to handle them fully, either by selecting the PTC ALD print engine in the Arbortext Styler UI or by extending Arbortext Styler to access some more advanced formatting options. These can be arranged into nine distinct categories:
Post-publishing touchup
Language formatting, especially Asian languages
Color handling
Region control
Content streams
Refer to Accessing PTC Arbortext Layout Developer Features for a summary of the methods by which you can access these features.
For information on how to set the print engine for your environment, please refer to Logic for Print/Preview Engine Selection.
Accessing PTC Arbortext Layout Developer Features
The table below summarizes how each PTC Arbortext Layout Developer feature can be accessed:
Arbortext Styler UI
Source code edit
Associated PTC ALD template
Native PTC ALD template
Multiple files from single composition
Graphical output formats
Output from single frame
Post-publishing touchup
Warichu (annotation)
Hanging punctuation
Vertical formatting
Right-to-left formatting
Named colors
Color spaces
Rasters as colors
Tint and brightness
Color mode
Rounded corners
Rule patterns
Rule numbers
Side rules / accolades
Number of regions
Region placement
Region properties
Region content
Character effects
Drop capitals and words
Paragraph reposition
Tab stops
Text decoration
Format result testing
Content as trigger for style change
Direct use of attribute values
Multiple main content streams
External content streams
Arbortext Styler UI
Can be selected/configured in the Arbortext Styler UI, when working with a .style stylesheet
You may need to select the PTC ALD print engine to fully support the feature. You will see a note in the UI to indicate if this is required.
Source code edit
Requires the extension of the .style stylesheet with PTC ALD Javascript code
Refer to Stylesheet Developer’s Guide to APP Code for some samples of source code edits.
Refer to Formatting Object Model Reference for descriptions of the objects in PTC Arbortext Layout Developer’s Formatting Object Model, accessed via JavaScript.
Associated PTC ALD template
Requires native PTC ALD code compatible with a .style stylesheet. Associate the template (.3f file) with the .style stylesheet using the option in the Stylesheet Properties dialog box.
Native PTC ALD template
Requires native PTC ALD code not compatible with a .style stylesheet. Must be configured in an PTC ALD template in a standalone PTC Arbortext Layout Developer desktop installation.
You may need to work with GSO or an PTC ALD partner to provide code of this nature.