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Content Streams
PTC Arbortext Layout Developer can format most types of content, providing the content , provided the content includes tokens to which to assign formatting, A token is either an <element> (in angle brackets) or an entity &reference; (delimited by ampersand and semi-colon). By default, when PTC Arbortext Layout Developer is formatting a content stream, when it encounters one of these tokens it will search its list of tags to find a match by name. If a match is found, the tag will be processed.
An PTC Arbortext Layout Developer tag is a container for information. There are many tag types. A tag’s type indicates how it will be processed.
Multiple main content streams
There is no limit (other than memory) to the number of content streams an PTC Arbortext Layout Developer document can hold. Many of PTC Arbortext Layout Developer's tag types can be used as content displayed on a page. Content streams can be called by reference (by referring to the tag) or explicitly (by placing their content into a frame/region).
Engage GSO or an PTC ALD partner to set up a template or stylesheet that can process multiple main content streams.
Loading and referring to other content streams
Some publishing requirements demand that external content streams be referenced from the main content. For example, a pricing file for a catalog is presented separately to the main catalog content to allow quick updates.
PTC Arbortext Layout Developer can load content files using JavaScript commands and extract fragments of that file based on:
If the file is well-formed XML, PTC Arbortext Layout Developer can use XPath or XPointer to call a fragment of the external file
Character position
A fragment of any content stream can be called using the start and end character positions of the desired fragment
Formatting can then be applied using PTC Arbortext Layout Developer tags.
Engage the services of GSO or an PTC ALD partner to make use of these features.