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Multiple files from one publishing process
PTC Arbortext Layout Developer is capable of generating multiple output files from a single composition process. The following options are available:
PDF - from Arbortext Styler UI
PostScript - from Arbortext Styler UI
PTC ALD application (.3d) file for touchup - from Arbortext Styler and Arbortext Publishing Engine UIs
Graphical output formats - requires custom code in an associated template
PTC Arbortext Layout Developer‘s super print (sprint) function allows multiple output formats to be generated in a single pass. A customized print configuration file will provide a simple means to access this capability.
Graphical output formats
PTC Arbortext Layout Developer can generate graphical output from published pages or their frames. Supported graphics formats are:
Options include preview type (TIFF, EPSI) and resolution, font embedding, color mode
Options include DPI, color mode (mono, RGB, or CMYK), anti-aliasing, compression (LZW)
Use custom code in an PTC ALD template associated with your .style stylesheet to generate these output types.
Output from single frames
PTC Arbortext Layout Developer can print a single frame to an output file. This is often used by a script to generate output files of items that are difficult to present online, for example mathematics or tables.
Custom scripting in a native PTC ALD template is required to generate output of this type.