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Post-Publishing Touchup
.3d files created during publishing can be opened on a PTC Arbortext Layout Developer Desktop license for touch up editing. You must use native PTC ALD templates configured to allow post-publishing changes.
You can carry out these types of touchup task in an PTC ALD template:
Move floating items and reflow pages
Make text corrections to the content
Introduce processing instructions or custom markup to change any formatting property
Introduce or change page, column, and line breaks. Note: this may require a document reformat if the page ending has changed
Note the following limitations and considerations:
The system setup (version, available libraries, fonts, configuration file etc.) must be identical between the server and desktop environments
PTC Arbortext Layout Developer currently has no DOM editing tool. Making content changes for documents composed using Arbortext Styler stylesheets will be cumbersome, but not impossible
The DOM editing tool is expected in a later release.
It is possible to create a custom UI and touch up environment in PTC Arbortext Layout Developer to limit what can be changed by the user
If touch up is a major requirement, consider using native PTC ALD templates
Consider using PTC Arbortext Layout Developer's application bundles to capture a system snapshot for providing touch up
New markup introduced by PTC ALD will make no attempt to validate the content. It is the users responsibility to ensure that the changes they make are valid and do not corrupt the well formed nature of the XML
Tools can be created to indicate parsing errors beyond bad formatting.
If the XML content is changed in the file, it is possible to export this from PTC Arbortext Layout Developer
Changes to style will not be reflected back into the template
It may be necessary to reformat the whole document if significant changes have been made