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Custom Tables List
A list of custom table objects configured for the stylesheet. This list displays when you choose View > List View > Custom Tables, or if you assign the Custom Table style to an object via the Edit > Style menu option.
When this list is active, the Insert Custom Table button The Insert Custom Table icon - a black grid on a grey background with a blue box at the top, with a yellow asterisk to the right appears in the Standard toolbar, allowing you to create a new custom table in the list.
The Properties area of the Custom Table list contains categories in which you can configure the styling provided by a custom table object:
Elements category (see Custom Tables - Elements Category): define the elements that should form the basis of the custom table, and the role each one should play in the table
Cells category (see Custom Tables - Cells Category): generate cells from XPath and reorder the columns in the body of the table
Header cells category (see Custom Tables - Header Cells Category): generate header cells from XPath and reorder the columns in the header of the table
Format category (see Custom Tables - Format Category): set column width and rule preferences for the table
Background color category (see Custom Tables - Background Color Category): define background colors for the rows in the table
Refer to Custom Table Styling Overview and Creating and Styling a Custom Table for further information to assist you in setting up a custom table.