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Custom Tables - Cells Category
This category includes properties with which you can generate cells for the body of a custom table via XPath, and define your own order for the columns in the table if necessary. You must specify Table and Row elements for your custom table in the Elements category before adding generated cells.
Any cell generation or column reordering settings made in this category will be ignored in print/PDF output via FOSI if the Use style properties for Print/PDF with FOSI engine option in the Format category is checked.
Generated cells - configure XPath expressions to generate cells for the custom table, when no cell element exists in the content model of the element being styled as a custom table. The cells generated will form columns in the body of the table. Generated cells can appear in the table as well as those elements given the role of Cell in the Elements category.
The field displays a list of cell elements that will be generated for the table, and the expressions that will provide their content. Content via XPath can either be extracted from document content or provided as text. Use the accompanying buttons to create and manage the list:
New: open the Generated Cell dialog box, in which you can add a new specification for a generated cell.
Edit: open the Generated Cell dialog box to edit an existing cell generation specification.
Delete: delete a cell generation specification from the list.
When a custom table cell is generated, Arbortext Styler creates an SFE to hold its formatting properties. The SFE will be named _sfe:GeneratedCell_generatedcellname_customtablename.
Cell order - define the order in which columns in the body of the table should be ordered in output. This may differ from the order in which cells appear in document content.
The list provides fields in which you can specify the method of defining column order:
Document order: select this option to output columns in the order in which the cells appear in document content.
Specified: select this option to create your own order for columns.
The field displays a list of cells that will form columns in the body of the table and the order in which they will appear. Use the up and down arrows to change the order of the columns.
If the table contains any specifically defined cell elements, only those elements will create cells. A cell element can be defined in two ways:
Assigning the role of Cell to an element in the Elements category for custom tables.
Generating a cell via XPath
Cells created by assuming that children of the element defined as a Row should be classed as cells will be suppressed.
Refer to Creating and Styling a Custom Table for examples and further information to assist you in setting up and using custom tables.