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Custom Tables - Background Color Category
This include properties to configure background colors for the rows in a custom table. Use combinations of colors and numbers of rows to define a single background color or a repeating pattern. In this category these combinations are referred to as components.
Any background color settings made in this category will be ignored if the Use style properties instead of formatting as a custom table for Print/PDF option in the Format category for custom tables is checked.
Header row background color — select the background color for header row(s) in the custom table.
This control is disabled if you have not defined a header element for your custom table, either by specifying an element as a header row or by configuring the generation of header cells.
The default color in this field in None. No color will be applied to the background so whatever color is behind the cell will be visible.
Body rows background color repeating pattern — configure the background color for the body rows in the custom table.
Use the Add Component option to add the required number of colors / number of rows components in the pattern. You can define a pattern of up to five alternating colors.
To select a single color to apply throughout the table body, use a single color / number of rows component.
Number of rows — the number of consecutive rows to which the background color should apply.
If you wish to set a repeating pattern of background colors for the table, set this field to the number of rows that should display the specified color before switching to the color defined by the next component in the list.
If you wish to set one background color for the whole table, you should create a single component with a single row, and specify the desired background color.
Color — the background color to be applied to the number of rows specified in the adjacent Number of rows field. This may apply once for the whole table or as part of a repeating pattern.
The default color in this field in None.
an image of the Delete button - a red cross — remove the selected component from the pattern. If you delete a component in the middle of a pattern, the following components will be moved up in the order.
Add Component — add a new color to the background color pattern.
You may add up to five components.
Restart pattern after page or column break — check this option to continue the same pattern in the table after it breaks over a page or column.
This option is only available when the stylesheet is set to generate print/PDF output with the PTC ALD engine. It will be ignored in Editor and HTML outputs, and print/PDF output published with the FOSI or XSL-FO engines. Please refer to Publishing Engine Overview and Logic for Print/Preview Engine Selection for information about publishing engines in the PTC Arbortext environment.
Refer to Using Background Color in Custom Tables for examples and further information to assist you in using configuring background color for your custom table.