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Page Sets List
A list of page sets configured for the stylesheet. This list displays when you choose View > List View > Page Sets
When this list is active, the Insert Page Set button The Insert Page Set icon - an open book edged in blue, with a yellow asterisk to its right appears in the Standard toolbar, allowing you to create a new page set in the list.
The Properties area of the Page Sets list contains the following property categories, in which you can edit a selected page set by specifying settings for page set features:
Page size and margins: see Page size category
Page types (layouts): see Page types category
Columns and gutters: see Columns category and x Columns categories
Page numbering: see Page numbers category
Change bar placement: see Other category
The Add Region button will launch the Add Page Region helper. Use this option to quickly create some common page region types for a selected page set.
Once you have created a page set, you can apply it to an element's context by referencing it in the Breaks category for that element. In the Print/PDF only field, set the Start new value to one of the page options, then specify the required page set as the Name value in the Page Set field.
Any new Arbortext Styler stylesheet you create will contain a default Page Set definition, named Default Page Set. The default page set provides suggested settings for the options defined in a page set. It also uses the default Size definitions that are available in a new stylesheet wherever a measurement is requested. See Sizes List for information.