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Page Sets - Other Category
Use the properties in the Other category to configure miscellaneous settings for the pages formatted by your page set. The settings you make here apply across all pages in the page set.
Change bar placement — Provides a list of possible positions for change bars:
Left: on left margin
Right: on right margin
Inside: on inside margin
Outside: on outside margin
Alternate: on alternate margins
Refer to Adding Change Bars for further information on configuring change bars.
Make last page a multiple of — Specifies a multiplier for the number of pages that the page set should output, including blank pages if necessary. The options are:
Select one of the given choices, from 1 to 32
Enter a value up to 64
The default value is 1. Values between 1 and 64 (inclusive) are valid.
For example, setting a value of 10 means that a page set will output 10, 20, 30... pages as required to accommodate content.
Refer to Defining Number of Pages for a Page Set for further information on setting the extent of a page set.