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Page Layout Overview
Arbortext Styler uses page sets to define page layout. Page sets are a set of page layout descriptions for a sequence of pages in a major division of a document. All pages using the same page set are numbered sequentially in the document and typically share some basic characteristics.
Every element that generates output must either specify a page set or have an ancestor that has specified a page set. Once an element has specified a page set, the page set is used until the element ends.
The Page Sets list The Page Sets list icon - an open book edged in blue displays a list of page sets configured for the stylesheet.
You can configure the following features in a page set:
Page size and orientation: see Setting a Page Size and Orientation for a Page Set for information
Page layout: page types made up of a specific set of page regions define page layout. See Defining Page Regions for information.
Margins: see Setting Margins in a Page Set for information
Columns: see Setting Columns in a Page Set for information
Regions to hold text or graphic content: see Defining Page Regions
Headers, footers and other generated content: see Adding Headers and Footers to a Page Set for information
Page numbers: see Configuring Page Numbers for a Page Set for information
Some characteristics of page sets are listed below, which may be useful when you are deciding how to set your pages:
A page set is either single or double-sided and a set of properties can be applied accordingly. It is not possible to mix single singled and double sided properties in a single page set: you cannot, for example, choose double-sided margins and single-sided headers.
Single-sided documents have the same page layout on left and right pages.
Double-sided documents are designed to print on both sides of a page. You can specify different settings for left and right pages.
First pages usually occur on the right side of a two page spread. They are also known as “recto” pages. Note , though, that the first page of a document that is formatted right-to-left will occur on the left. You can also specify that the first page should start at any number in the Breaks category.
Even pages always occur on the left side and are also known as “verso” pages.
Mirror margins indicate that the inside margins on both right and left pages are the same, as are the outside margins on right and left pages. Mirror margins refer to inside and outside margins, not left and right margins since the inside margin on an even page is the right margin and the inside margin on an odd page is the left margin.