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PTC ALD Functionality in Arbortext Styler
Access to two aspects of the functionality of the PTC Arbortext Layout Developer (PTC ALD) product is provided in an PTC Arbortext environment:
1. Formatting and publishing: the PTC ALD print engine is installed when you install Arbortext Styler or Arbortext Publishing Engine. You may then opt to set PTC ALD as the default print engine for your PTC Arbortext environment, for documents that use a specific stylesheet, or for individual documents. When specified, the PTC ALD engine will generate any required print or PDF output.
Please see Logic for print/preview print engine selection for information about how to select PTC ALD as your default print engine.
2. Stylesheet extension: an Arbortext Styler (.style) stylesheet will support the addition of PTC ALD code in order to achieve certain effects not possible through the Arbortext Styler interface.
There are two ways in which the code can be incorporated:
Editing the stylesheet source to add PTC ALD code
Associating an PTC ALD template (.3f file) with the Arbortext Styler stylesheet
These methods are described in more detail in Methods of Incorporating PTC ALD Code into a Stylesheet .
For a full summary of the integration of PTC ALD in Arbortext Styler, see Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher in Arbortext Styler