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PTC Arbortext Layout Developer in Arbortext Styler
The print engine functionality of PTC Arbortext Layout Developer (PTC ALD) is available when working in a Arbortext Editor environment that includes Arbortext Styler or Arbortext Publishing Engine. PTC ALD is the default print engine for these environments. You can preview and publish documents based on a Arbortext Styler stylesheet for print or PDF with the PTC ALD print engine. The inclusion of PTC ALD extends the functionality available from a Arbortext Styler stylesheet. See Benefits of Publishing with PTC ALD for further information.
The PTC ALD print engine and associated support files are built into the install tree when you perform a full installation of Arbortext Editor with Arbortext Styler or Arbortext Publishing Engine. Once you have installed Arbortext Styler or Arbortext Publishing Engine you will have the option to set your stylesheet to use the PTC ALD print engine for its preview and publishing actions. See Setting PTC ALD as the Default Print Engine for a Stylesheet for further information on how to do this.
Stylesheets created in earlier versions of Arbortext Styler will retain their existing print engine setting when updated. New and most distributed stylesheets use the PTC ALD engine as a default. If you wish to change the default print engine, use the options described in Logic for Print/Preview Engine Selection to set up your environment as required.
Arbortext Editor and Arbortext Styler preview and publishing options will reflect the ability to provide the required output with the PTC ALD print engine:
Arbortext Editor
Print preview - see Previewing a document for more information
Print - see Printing for more information
Publish PDF - see Publishing a document as a PDF File for more information
Arbortext Styler
Preview of print or PDF output - see Preview Options in Arbortext Styler
With each of these processes, any PTC ALD template files (.3f files) that exist in the document or doctype directories will be listed alongside .style files in the list of available stylesheets for the process. The option to select .3f files is possible in the stylesheet file chooser dialog boxes presented for these processes, where applicable. If you elect to preview your document for print with the PTC ALD print engine in Arbortext Styler, the preview will be presented in an PTC ALD preview window (see PTC ALD preview window for information).