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About This Guide
This guide describes how to extend your Arbortext Styler stylesheet with code that will access the additional formatting options provided by PTC Arbortext Layout Developer (PTC ALD). The code is based on PTC ALD’s Formatting Object Model (FOM) and written in JavaScript. The guide provides an overview of FOM and JavaScript, and describes the objects and object groups included in the FOM. It also details the ways in which you can incorporate the additional code in your stylesheet and provides samples.
The acronym PTC ALD refers in the context of this guide to the PTC Arbortext Layout Developer product. It is used to describe code and instructions written to invoke the functionality of PTC Arbortext Layout Developer within an Arbortext Styler stylesheet. You may also note the use of the term PTC ALD engine when working with Arbortext Styler. This is the print engine capability of the PTC Arbortext Layout Developer product, which is integrated into Arbortext Styler to support advanced formatting requirements such as the output of text in non-Latin languages (CJK, or Hebrew, Arabic, or Thai).
Refer to Print Features Available with PTC ALD for a summary of the supplementary formatting features supported by PTC Arbortext Layout Developer.