Stylesheet Development with PTC ALD > Introduction to PTC ALD in Arbortext Styler > Methods of Incorporating PTC ALD Code into a Stylesheet
Methods of Incorporating PTC ALD Code into a Stylesheet
There are two methods by which you can extend an Arbortext Styler stylesheet (.style file) to include PTC ALD code:
1. Edit the source of the .style file and add PTC ALD code
Use the Edit > Edit objectname Source > APP menu option in your stylesheet. This will open a Source Editor window in which you can type your code.
Please refer to Extending Stylesheets for further information on viewing and editing stylesheet source.
Samples contains examples of PTC ALD code additions that will provide effects that cannot be achieved via the Arbortext Styler UI.
2. Associate an PTC ALD template (.3f file) with the .style file
Browse for a template in the Optional APP template to associate with stylesheet field in the Print/PDF tab of the Stylesheet Properties dialog box. You will need to set the Engine field to a value of APP to activate the file picker field.
Please refer to Associating an PTC ALD Template with a Stylesheet in PTC Arbortext Layout Developer in Arbortext Styler for instructions.