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Content Creation Tools
PTC Arbortext Layout Developer provides multiple tools for creating content:
formatting.write() and formatting.output() FOM methods — output content where the commands are executed
The information can be any string, whether it is explicitly provided, generated from a variable or property, or the result of another function or method.
DOM augmentation — add content for output to the DOM being formatted
This method can be used to produce tables of contents and other generated text items.
Refer to DOM Augmentation for information.
Running headers — take information in one content stream and display it in another frame or location
PTC Arbortext Layout Developer’s running header feature allows the output of running headers, bleed tabs, footers, slug lines, and so on.
Refer to Running Headers for information.
Footnotes — output content away from the main content stream but still within the main content’s frame
Footnotes are not restricted to placement at the foot of the main content frame. They can be output at the bottom or top of the frame, or in specific columns, or using an inline command to call outstanding footnotes.
Refer to Footnotes for information.
Indexes — create a list of information in the content and sort it if required
PTC Arbortext Layout Developer can generate multiple indexes concurrently. The index feature can be used to create lists of figures and tables, different index types, and so on.
Refer to Indexes for information.