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Running Headers
The running headers feature in PTC Arbortext Layout Developer allows the passing of information from one content stream to another. This process happens during formatting. PTC Arbortext Layout Developer has to format some content before being able to pass that information to the other stream to be evaluated.
There are two parts to a running header:
Reference — the inline command which makes a string available for processing as a running header
Refer to Creating Running Header References for information.
Evaluation — assessment of when the running header will be used
A running header is evaluated based on a number of conditions, for example where to collect the reference and the action to take if the reference is either not found or not populated when found.
Refer to Evaluating Running Headers for information.
PTC Arbortext Layout Developer provides 10 groups of running headers, each of which can be used for different outputs and to extract multiple pieces of content to appear in different areas. For example, you could produce a page with bleed tabs, header and footer content, and a slug line.