PTC ALD in Arbortext Styler > Components of Documents and Templates > Creating New Content from the Main Content Stream > Footnotes
Footnotes in PTC Arbortext Layout Developer are a complex but extremely powerful tool. They can be used to output content in many locations — upwards from the bottom of the page (standard placement for footnotes), downwards from the top of the page, inside specific frame columns, and so on. PTC Arbortext Layout Developer can process up to five groups of footnotes at the same time. The groups can be used concurrently to simultaneously place different information in different places on the same page.
There are two parts to the footnote feature:
Footnote reference — defines the footnote content to use
See Creating a Footnote Reference for information.
Footnote use definition — used by PTC Arbortext Layout Developer to display the footnotes in the correct way
The footnote use definition is a control stream which is applied to a frame, usually the frame containing the main content stream.
See Defining a Footnote Control Stream for information.