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Page Layout Overview
Pages are built up in PTC Arbortext Layout Developer from simple building blocks which are common to most layout tools. These components are now also included as Arbortext Styler page layout tools.
The basic component is the frame. Frames are rectangular boxes into which text and graphics content can be placed. An PTC Arbortext Layout Developer page can include up to 400 frames in any location, size, or orientation.
Refer to Frames for information.
Frames can be grouped into layers. All pages have a main layer and can also have layers above and below the main layer, known as overlays and underlays respectively. An PTC Arbortext Layout Developer page can have up to 10 layers applied at any time, plus the main layer.
Refer to Page Layers for information.
Layers are collected into layer groups, also known as page definitions. These are analogous to the Page Type construct in Arbortext Styler.
Refer to Layer Groups for information.
Once page layouts have been defined, they are called in a specified order for the content to be applied. Either master page or page sequence features can control this page order, although page sequences are used more often. Page sequences define the layer groups, or individual layers, that PTC Arbortext Layout Developer applies according to positional conditions.
Refer to Pages and Page And Document Sequence Control for information.