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A page in an PTC Arbortext Layout Developer document is made up of a set of layers, or a layer group, plus the page’s main layer. The layer group lists the layers that will be applied. Individual layers define the frames to be drawn. The main layer holds frames that are created on the page, but not on a specific layer. Those frames may be created manually or by footnote and anchoring processes.
Changes made to any of the layers or frames applied to a page are replicated in all other instances of those layers or frames throughout the document.
The fPage Object
The fPage object represents pages in the Formatting Object Model. You can access the fPage object from a number of places, but most commonly from the fFormatting.currentPage property. The fContent object also has a pages property which is an array of the pages within the document.
The fPage object has a number of properties of interest:
pos — the position of the page in the document, with the first page starting at 0
pageNumber — differs from fPage.pos, giving the actual page number in the document
The starting page number for the document is set as a template preference.
pageString — a string of up to 64 characters. Each page can have a string.
In the Arbortext Styler integration, the page string holds the formatted page number.
mainLayer — the page’s main layer (fLayer object)
You can add frames to the main layer without affecting other pages or layers. The main layer is also the layer on which generated frames, for example footnotes, are placed.
layerGroup — the layer group (fLayerGroup object) applied to the current page
This object provides access to the layers on the current page.
height and width — the actual dimensions of a page once the dimensions of all its layers have been taken into account
docseqName — the name of the document sequence being applied
pageseqName, pageseqID, pageseqPosition, pageseqSequenceNumber— information about the item in the page sequence that was used to select the current page layout
pageseqPageNumber, pageseqPageNumberString, pageseqSequenceNumberString— the page number information of the page in the page sequence, as defined by the page numbering properties on the fDocumentSequenceItem object used to define the current page sequence
Other properties of fPage are related to the autocopy feature previously by PTC Arbortext Layout Developer to define a master page and create copies. It is a less common way to control page sequences now.