Navigating Vuforia Studio > Widgets > 3D > Model Target > Detection Configuration
Detection Configuration
You can configure the following detection properties for a Model Target.
Detection Position
Defines the position from which the experience user will need to look at the physical object from to initiate tracking.
1. Drag and drop a Model Target widget onto a a model on the canvas.
2. Click edit icon next to Detection Configuration to open the Set Detection Configuration page. A default view of the model appears.
Any model items or property settings from the model widget are ignored.
3. Set the desired detection position, and click the camera icon ().
Rotate and pan are used in the same manner as the design view.
4. The outline image is generated.
5. Click Save.
6. In the PROJECT pane, under Configuration > Experiences, select None from the ThingMark Association drop-down.
Car Mode
Select this checkbox when the physical model in your experience is a car exterior or a similar highly reflective large object. Enabling this property optimizes the tracking performance to reduce drift in certain situations at the cost of higher CPU load.
Static Object
This property is not available in 3D Eyewear projects.
Select this checkbox if the physical object in your experience is static (for example, a large generator).
When this setting is enabled and combined with Car Mode, tracking is enhanced for larger objects with reflective surfaces.