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Model Target Troubleshooting
Unable to Generate Advanced Model Targets
When you publish an experience that contains a Model Target, you may encounter a red banner at the top of the window notifying you that your Model Target failed to generate. To view the error message, click on the banner.
The table below describes possible reasons you may not be able to generate Advanced Model Targets:
You are using Vuforia Studio 9.13.0, but the Experience Service you are publishing to is on version 9.11.0 or below.
If you are generating Advanced Model Targets on an Experience Service that is on version 9.11.0 or below, we recommend upgrading both Vuforia Studio and your Experience Service to at least 9.14.0.
If you are not able to perform upgrades right now, we recommend that you continue using Vuforia Studio 9.11.0 until both components can be upgraded. If you are unsure about which version of the Experience Service you are running, contact your administrator.
The Experience Service you are publishing to does not yet have Advanced Model Target generation enabled.
To create a request:
PTC Cloud-hosted Experience Service:
2. Select Vuforia Studio from the Product field.
3. Then, select Yes – Request an activity (refresh,build,access,upgrade etc) or information on PTC Cloud Environment from the Do you want to open a case with PTC Cloud Services? drop-down menu.
On-premises Experience Service—See Request Information to Enable Advanced Model Target Generation in the Experience Service and Admin Help Center.
The model you’re using is not in a supported (valid) format.
Make sure that the 3D model you are using is in a supported format.
Publishing a project with an Advanced Model Target fails.
If publishing your project with an Advanced Model Target fails the first time, try republishing the project. The problem could be due to network issues.
Initial Tracking Position Issues
The table below lists possible messages and their cause and resolution when setting the Initial Tracking Position.
These issues apply only to Vuforia Studio 9.12.0 and below.
Model is too complex
The model you’re using might have too many parts or the geometry might be too complex. Try using a simplified version of the model, and set the initial tracking position again.
Color information is missing from this model
It’s recommended that a color be associated to each part on the model, unless the object is 3D printed with a single material.
The colors do not need to match the physical object; any colors will work.
Object is too far away from the camera
Make the model larger in the view frame (zoom in), and set the initial tracking position again.
Known Issues
Show/hide of 3D elements in Preview mode does not work as expected; however, it displays correctly in Vuforia View.
There can only be one Advanced Model Target per project.