ThingWorx Flow > The ThingWorx Flow Dashboard
The ThingWorx Flow Dashboard
Logging in to ThingWorx Flow displays the ThingWorx Flow dashboard. From this page, you can perform the following activities:
Create workflows.
Search for workflows.
Filter workflows by category.
Arrange workflows in a list or grid.
Manage ThingWorx Flow settings that includes managing authorizations, connections, triggers, and custom actions.
View activity logs.
Navigate to the ThingWorx Flow Help Center.
View, edit and manage workflows.
The table provides a description of various components on the ThingWorx Flow dashboard:
Create a new workflow in ThingWorx Flow.
Search for workflows with names matching the given criteria.
Filter workflows by category.
Click to arrange the workflows in a list, or click to arrange the workflows in a grid.
Click the down arrow to view the following options:
Settings — Click to view ThingWorx Flow settings.
Activity Logs — Click to view activity logs.
Logout — Click to log out of the ThingWorx Flow account.
Click to access the ThingWorx Flow Help Center.
Every saved workflow has a workflow tile. Every workflow tile displays the name of the workflow and the date on which it was last modified. If you see on a workflow tile, it denotes that an action in the workflow is not configured completely.
For information about the tasks that you can perform from a workflow tile, see Managing Workflows.