ThingWorx Flow > The Workflow Home Page
The Workflow Home Page
The ThingWorx Flow dashboard is the first screen that you see after logging in. From this page, you can perform the following activities:
Edit or view or search the workflows.
Create workflows
Manage global settings.
Go to activity logs.
Navigate to the ThingWorx Flow Help Center.
The table provides a description of various components on the dashboard.
Allows you to create a new workflow in ThingWorx.
Searches for workflows with names matching the given criteria.
Click the down arrow to view the following options:
Settings—Click to view the settings page.
Activity Logs—Click to view the activity logs.
Logout—Click to log out of the ThingWorx Flow account.
Click to display the documentation related to ThingWorx Flow.
Workflow Tiles
For every saved workflow, a workflow tile appears on the page. Every workflow tile displays the name and date it was last modified and a toggle button to activate (On) or deactivate (Off) the workflow.
Click to edit the workflow details. This icon appears when you place the pointer on the workflow name.
Click to see the following options on the Workflow tile.
Copy Workflow
Creates a copy of the workflow.
Deletes the workflow.
For access to the Copy Workflow action, the user must have Service Execute, Run Time permission, and Update Design Time permissions on the Workflow entity.
For access to the Delete action, the user must have Service Execute Run Time and Delete Design Time permissions on the Workflow entity.