Comparing ECAD Designs > Defining the Comparison > To Compare Images by Selecting Sheets or Layers
To Compare Images by Selecting Sheets or Layers
1. In the Compare Settings dialog box, click Image > Enable Comparisons. The options on the Image tab are enabled.
2. In the Sheet Range box, type values as follows:
To include all Schematic sheets, leave this box empty.
To indicate an inclusive range, specify multiple sheets or layers with commas to indicate a series (x, y, z) or a hyphen.
To represent the first sheet, use 1.
3. In the Layout panel, select the layers to compare:
Top Layer
Internal Layer Range—Set the layer range as described for Sheet Range in step 2. In the Internal Layer Range box, you can make comparisons of internal layers in the following ways:
For a top layer-down comparison, use positive values, where 1 is the first layer under the top layer.
For a bottom layer-up comparison, use negative values, where -1 is the first internal layer above the bottom layer.
For an image comparison on a Schematic design, select the sheets and sublayers to treat as a single image.
Bottom Layer
4. Accept the default values for the following parameters, or set new values:
Image Tolerance
Image Grid Size
Exclude image differences smaller than this threshold
5. Click OK. The dialog box closes.
6. Click Compare > Run Compare. The comparison is performed, and the Full Results appear.