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Comparing Images
Compare one or more sheets of a schematic view, or compare one or more layers of a PCB layout view. Use one of these methods to compare images:
Adjust the visibility of the active view, and then compare only the visible layers and sublayers. The comparison results include the visibility information. You cannot use this method for batch comparisons because you cannot set visibility using the command line.
For information on comparing PCB Layouts to overlays, see Comparing PCB Layout Viewables to Gerber Overlays.
Use the Compare Settings dialog box to select one or more layers to compare. To compare all layers, leave the layer selection box empty.
In an image comparison, these keepin and keepout regions are automatically compared separately:
All other keepin and keepout regions are compared as a group. The transaction name of a keepin or keepout includes the type. For example, BOTTOM Placement Keep-ins.
For fonts converted from Cadence Allegro PCB Editor or Cadence Allegro Package Designer files, differences in the converted text are image differences.
Schematic views from Altium Designer Schematic and Concept Design Entry HDL can contain embedded images. The contents of an embedded image are not compared.