Comparing ECAD Designs > Defining the Comparison > Setting the Image Grid Size
Setting the Image Grid Size
The grid is defined with respect to the 0 (X, Y) location of the design. A small grid size produces too many results, whereas a big grid size produces too many discrepancies per grid. The default value Auto calculates a grid to image ratio of 5 percent for optimal sensitivity of ECAD image comparisons. The preset configuration and the sizes of the sublayers determine the grid size. When you change the units, the default grid value is automatically converted.
The grid size is reported in the Image Checks tab of the Data Set Summary report in Creo View Validate. The reported values indicate the grid size calculation for the compared layers as described in the next table.
Reported Value
Grid Size Calculation
Auto 177.80
The same grid size was used for all layers compared.
Auto 0.32 - 0.35
The values are the minimum and maximum grid sizes of different layers that were compared.
Auto 0.00
The image check was not performed, for instance, if the Preset Configuration setting is ECAD-MCAD or Layout-Schematic.
The grid size was manually selected.