Working with Animations > To Set Animation Options
To Set Animation Options
1. Click File > Options. The Creo View Options dialog box opens.
2. Next to Showing, select Global.
3. On the left, under Model, select Animation. The options open.
4. Set one or more of these options:
Initial timeline view—Sets the number of seconds shown without scrolling in the Keyframe Editor.
Combine track threshold—Sets the minimum number of tracks.
Record step interval—Defines the length of each step.
5. To control the security level when external files or webpages are included in an animation, under Animations may contain requests to open external files or webpages. Handle these requests as follows:
Always request permission
Always allow (Not recommended)
Never allow
6. Click Apply to apply the settings and continue setting options, or click OK to apply the settings and close the dialog box.