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Interpreting Images from Creo View ECAD Validate
You can receive any number of images for each view. Messages from Creo View ECAD Validate are the result of a comparison between two designs, the Current design and the Compare To design. Differences in the designs are designated in Creo View ECAD Validate as Add, Modify, or Delete. In Creo View, the differences do not have labels. Instead, the Current design becomes the view and the image displays a record of the differences:
Add—Selects the added object in the design.
Modify—Creates an object on the image layer and selects the original object in the design.
Delete—Creates the deleted object on the image layer.
A corresponding grid sublayer is also created when an image is received from Creo View ECAD Validate. The grid identifies the regions containing differences. The grid name is the name of the image with the suffix _grids.