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To Compare Images by Setting Visibility
The ECAD Compare tool has the following limitations when comparing regions:
The Visible Layers and Sublayers in Active View setting, to select objects by visibility, does not work for regions
Differences between regions on the inner layers of a design may not be found
1. On the Viewables tab of the primary panel, use the shortcut menu to select the first and second items. For more information, see To Select Viewables to Compare. The Compare Items dialog box opens.
2. Click OK, and then click OK in the message dialog box. The Quick Results appear.
3. Adjust the visibility of the designs:
Show layers and sublayers to compare.
Hide the layers and sublayers to exclude.
4. Click Compare > Compare Settings. The Compare Settings dialog box opens.
5. On the Image tab, under Layout, select Visible Layers and Sublayers in Active View.
6. To compare the visible layers as a group, select the Merge All check box. To compare each layer individually, clear the check box.
7. Accept the default values for the following parameters, or set new values:
Image Tolerance
Image Grid Size
Exclude image differences smaller than this threshold
8. Click OK. The dialog box closes.
9. Click Compare > Run Compare. The comparison is performed, and the Full Results appear.