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About the Drawing View
You can view, annotate and save drawings of various file types. There are three types of drawings:
Vector—(DWG, DXF, HPGL, and CGM files)
Raster—(TIFF files)
Document—(PDF files)
Configure Creo View and Creo View Lite in the following ways to read drawing files:
HPGL—Define pen maps for viewing and printing.
AutoCAD—Control the visibility of layers and blocks.
DXF and DWG—Select and manage fonts. For Creo View 3.0 and later, the DWG font is not shipped with the software. Use the DXF - DWG options, under Drawing Viewer in the Creo View Options dialog box, to manually add the required fonts.
If you install Creo View from the Windchill Software Downloads page, you must select the AutoCAD Viewers option to open DXF and DWG files.
All formats listed above—Set the tolerance used to convert polylines into arcs, and automatically adjust the line colors in the drawing viewer.
PDF—No additional configuration necessary.
When viewing a drawing, you can perform the following tasks:
See localized annotations and switch between languages. For more information, see To View Localized Content in a Figure.
Change the default language for text in drawings. See To Set a New Default Text Language for Illustrations.
You can compare two drawings to show the similarities and differences. For more information, see About Comparing Drawings or Images.