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About Sectioning
You can section a model to display internal parts. Sectioning alters the display of the model, but it does not affect its geometry. Place one or two sectioning planes to cut the model:
Planar—Made by one plane.
Quarter Cut—Made by two initially perpendicular planes.
You can reposition the section planes in the graphics area using the Transform and Free Rotation tools. You can use the Section Properties dialog box to set the orientation and location numerically, or by reference. The section view changes dynamically to reflect changes in these settings.
By default, all parts are sectioned. To section only part of the model, you can create and modify a list of parts to section. When you section the 3D view, you can open an additional, corresponding 2D view. When you select an entity in the 2D view, its corresponding part is also selected in the 3D view. You can save the section view as part of an annotation set.