Creating Views > Sectioning > To Section in the 3D View
To Section in the 3D View
1. Click Sectioning > View Section. The model is sectioned.
2. To remove the sectioning, click Delete Section.
3. To select the initial axis for the section plane, click the arrow next to Preset Section, and then select an option:
You can adjust these presets in the Creo View Options dialog box.
4. To define the section type, click Planar, Quarter Cut, or both.
5. To position a sectioning plane in the graphics area, select the plane and then do one or more of these operations:
Click Home > Transform or press F3 to translate along an axis.
Click Home > Free Rotation or press CTRL+F3 to rotate the sectioning plane.
You can also position the planes numerically or by references using the Section Properties dialog box. Click the arrow in the Setup group.
6. To further define the section, set one or more of the following options:
Show 2D View—Opens an additional, 2D view in the graphics area. For more information, see To View the Section in 2D View.
Cap Section—Gives the parts the appearance of a solid interior.
Show Boundaries—Displays the sectioning plane or planes.
7. To select parts to section, follow these steps:
a. In the Intersection group, clear the Intersect with all check box.
b. In the graphics area or in the Structure Tree, select one or more parts that you want to section and click Add Selected.
c. To view a list of selected parts, click the arrow in the Intersection group. The Section: Intersecting Parts dialog box opens.
d. To remove selected parts from the sectioning, select the parts in the Section: Intersecting Parts dialog box and click Remove, or in Structure Tree and click Remove Selected. The selected parts are no longer included in the sectioning.