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To View a Schematic File with Multiple Sheets
To change the sheet in the view, perform these actions:
To scroll through the sheets, on the Home ribbon, click any of these buttons:
To jump directly to a sheet, do one of these operations:
Click Home > Sheet Name, and then select a sheet from the list.
On the Home tab, type the page number in the box and press ENTER.
To view the other side of an off-page connector, right-click it and choose the sheet name or number from the shortcut menu.
Navigating sheets in Creo Schematics:
Creo Schematics sheets, unlike ECAD Schematic sheets, are selectable objects and can possess attributes. They are displayed in the Structure tree and in the Attributes list. Creo Schematics sheets have type, such as Block, Circuit, Wiring, and P&ID. The type is indicated in the tree after sheet name.
To select a Creo Schematics sheet, select it in the Structure tree or in the attributes list.
Viewing a sheet from the ribbon does not select it. One sheet can be selected in the Structure tree, and another viewed in the graphics area.