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About MCAD Groups
You can select parts and subassemblies for four types of groups:
Static—Groups parts and assemblies that you select.
Nested—Creates a group of groups. It can contain static, nested, search and rule groups. The Nested group appears in the Groups pane with its child groups.
When you select a nested group, all the members of all of its children appear under Part Name. When you select a child group, only its members appear in the Part Name partition.
You can delete only entire child groups from a Nested group. You cannot delete parts individually.
Search—Saves the results of a search as a group in the Part Name partition of the Groups pane instead of in the Part Name partition of the search results pane.
Dynamic—Defines criteria to subdivide MCAD groups according to the hierarchy of parts or the value of a specific attribute. For instance, a group called Motor_Parts subdivided according to the attribute material, will have subgroups called Motor_Parts_steel and Motor_Parts_aluminum.
Create a Dynamic group without parts, import the parts from an existing MCAD group, and then select the criteria for inclusion into the subgroups.