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About Groups
You can create groups to manage and maintain a set of entities that share a common purpose or meaning. Create groups by selecting MCAD or ECAD entities in the graphics area, from the structure, or by redirecting search results. The group functionality is context-sensitive. MCAD group options open to MCAD data, and the ECAD group options open to ECAD viewables.
Perform the following operations on groups:
Edit the name, content, and display
Sort the contents
Add comments
You can use groups to modify the view in the graphics area. Select a group, and then select a view operation to perform on the group members:
Hide and unhide
Highlight ECAD groups
Groups are on the Groups pane of the upper data panel. When you select a group name from the list, the members appear in the MCAD Part Name partition, or the ECAD Group Contents partition below. You can create an empty group and add members later.
You can save the contents of selected groups, or of all groups. In Creo View, you can create and modify groups. In Creo View Lite, you can view groups.
When you use Creo View together with Windchill, you can share a group. Shared groups are applied to any MCAD representation or ECAD design that you open. When a group is shared, appears alongside the group’s symbol in the Groups pane.