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About Configuration Settings
The configuration controls the settings of the comparison. It provides standard, consistent, and automated comparisons of the relevant objects and images for particular types of comparisons.
When you start a comparison, the last-used configuration settings are applied until you change them. The Preset Configuration box is empty. You can accept these configuration settings, select a configuration from the Preset Configuration list, or manually change the settings. You can save new settings as a custom configuration for future comparisons. You can add, rename, and delete user-defined configurations, and you can load an IDX result file to use as a configuration.
The following configurations are provided with the software. They cannot be deleted:
PCB Layout-PCB Layout
PCB Layout-Schematic
Gerber-PCB Layout
You can modify a preset configuration, and then save it with a new name. For more information on comparing specific types of designs, see these topics:
Comparing Boards
Setting Object Detection Levels
Selecting a Net Match Option
Comparing Virtual Symbols and Virtual Nets
Comparing Images
Setting Image Detection Levels
Comparing PCB Layers
Comparing PCB Layout Viewables to Gerber Overlays