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About Redefining Features
You redefine a feature to change how a feature is created. The types of changes you can make depend on the selected feature. For example, if a feature is created using a section, you can redefine the section, feature references, and so on.
After being redefined, features with no external references regenerate, starting from the first modified feature, which may or may not be the feature you are redefining or editing its references. In calculating where to begin regeneration during the redefining operations, the system does not consider features with an external reference. For example, if you modify feature 10, then redefine feature 15, the regeneration begins with feature 10.
The system recreates the feature using the new feature definitions. When you redefine the feature sections, you may need to redefine or edit the references of any child feature whose reference edge or surface was replaced. If you make any changes to the feature that causes the feature redefinition to abort, you enter the Resolve environment.
When you redefine a feature that was created using the options Copy, Mirror, and Dependent, the system issues a warning message stating that the selected feature is a dependent copy of the highlighted feature.
If you choose Continue from the WAITING menu, the system displays the REDEFINE menu with the options Attribute, Direction, Section, and Depth. For example, if you choose Section after you select the options to redefine, the system asks for confirmation because the section of the selected feature will become independent.
When you preview the redefinition, the system removes the feature geometry and creates temporary geometry for your changes. When you exit from the user interface, the system regenerates the part.
If you quit the redefinition of a feature, the system attempts to restore the part to its original state, without regenerating the geometry of the model. After you have redefined certain part features, if you quit the redefinition, the system must still regenerate the geometry of later features.