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About Editing Parts
The Editing state you are in determines what is and what is not available when you edit a part. The changes you can make include the following:
Change the properties (value), text, and text style for feature and section dimensions.
Redefine a feature or section.
Delete or suppress a feature.
Edit references and parameters
Group multiple features into one feature.
Move datum tags.
Change datum properties (plane and axis only).
Change the curve line type and color (datum curves and cosmetic curves).
Create a Setup Note.
Edit functionality is available from a shortcut menu after selecting a part entity from the Model Tree or from the graphics window. Some of the edit commands on the shortcut menu are also available in the CreoModel tab Operations group.
You can edit multiple entities at one time, however, only those commands that are valid for the entity or entities selected are available. For example there are fewer editing commands available when both a Datum and a Feature are selected, than there are if one feature is selected.
In some applications you must use the Modify command from the PART SETUP menu on the Menu Manager for editing commands.