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To Redefine Features with No Elements
1. Select the feature and right-click. A shortcut menu appears.
2. Click Edit Definition. The REDEFINE menu appears with the following commands. (Not all commands are available for all features.)
Attributes—Retrieves and redefines the feature attributes.
Direction—Redefines the direction in which the feature is created, relative to the sketching plane.
Section—Modifies or reconstructs the section.
Flip—Changes the side to which material is added or removed.
References—Reselects the placement references of the feature (such as UpTo Surface), removing edges from a round definition, and so on.
Boundaries—Resizes the selected surface.
Curves—Redefines curves created from file.
Corner—Redefines corner rounds of round feature
Placement—Reassembles component into the assembly by specifying new constraints.
Pattern—Redefines the pattern type and the pattern increment types.
Style Curves—Redefines a scan curve feature or scan curves of a blended surface.
3. Click the available and appropriate commands for the feature on which you are working. Follow the prompts to complete the process.