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Move parts by box
This command is a combination of the Move and Position commands. You can move faces like the Move command and position parts like the Position commands. It is designed for you to move faces and parts together in a linear direction.
When you move a face, the geometry connected to the face stretches to increase or decrease the size of the part. If you select entire parts or assemblies to move with the face, the parts will be repositioned.
If you select all the faces of a part, the command will position the entire part. You can move faces of different shared parts without any errors if you select all the faces of a shared part.
Assemblies can be moved with this command and any viewsets or docuplanes associated with the assembly are also moved. If you select all the parts of an assembly, the entire assembly is repositioned. This positions the assembly's viewsets or docuplanes accordingly.
This command was designed so you can select faces or parts directly in a viewport. Simply draw a box to select the parts and faces you want to move.
To move faces or parts by selection box,
1. Click Modeling and then, in the Modify 3D group, click the arrow next to Modify.
2. Click Move. The Move dialog box opens.
3. Turn your view of the part so you can easily draw a box around the faces and parts you want to move. Drag the cursor to select the faces or parts you want to move. The Position section expands in the Move dialog box and a 3D directional arrow is displayed in the viewport.
4. Follow steps 4 to 9 in Move a face or recognized feature.
This command is intended to move faces in a linear direction; if you want to rotate or stagger faces, use the Move command instead.
If you select the Redo Blend option, the system will attempt to recreate the blend with the same blending options. However, in some situations that may not be possible. If the blend was created with the RollAtSharp or RollAtSmooth options, the blend may be recreated without those options.
If you use the Move 3D command on multiple parts, the successful operations are displayed as a partial result and the failures are displayed as labels (error feedback). The feedback labels are attached to the faces, on which the operation has failed.