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Using the Select tool
When you start an operation where you may need to specify or select more than one element, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling prompts you to select the objects and to hold SHIFT-key to select multiple items.
If the selection is complex, click Home and then, in the Utilities group, click Select to activate the Select tool. The Select dialog box opens.
You can also press F2 or press the SPACEBAR key and click on the Select Mini Toolbar (SMT) to activate the Select tool.
The Select tool only displays options that are valid to the operation. The Select tool displays different options depending on the mode setting (selecting 2D elements, labels, 3D elements, 3D objects, or features). The mode is chosen automatically by Creo Elements/Direct Modeling depending on the operation you have chosen.
The select tool is generally divided into five areas:
Mode setting - This shows what the active mode is - 2D geometry, labels, 3D geometry, 3D Objects (like parts and workplanes), features. The mode is automatically chosen depending on the active operation.
List - This provides a way of creating a selection list of elements.
Elements - This displays the valid types of elements you can select.
Scope - Depending on the context, you can select the active part or workplane, all parts or workplanes, or a specific part or workplane.
Boxing - You can select one of the following boxing methods for 2D elements, 3D elements, and 3D objects.
Complete: Draw a box around elements of a part to select the elements or draw a box around the whole part to select the part. This is the default. You can also draw a box around independent 2D elements to select the elements.
Partial: The whole part is selected even if you draw a box around one or more elements of the part. For example, if you draw a box around a vertex of a cube, the whole cube is selected. Elements are selected even if they are boxed only partially. If you draw a box around a closed area, even if the bounding 2D edges are not completely selected, then the closed area is selected as shown in the following image.
Methods - This displays the valid selection methods available.
There is a general method for selecting groups of elements of one type:
1. Specify the elements you want to select (for example, construction lines).
2. Specify the scope of your selection (for example, active workplane).
3. Specify the selection method (for example, all).