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Modify a blend
When modifying blends, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling detects the blend hierarchy of the selected blends and the affected blends. After blend suppression, the (modified) blends are recreated in several steps according to the detected hierarchy. If a blend-recreate step cannot be performed, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling prompts you to accept a partial result. If accepted, you will receive feedback on the bends that have been lost.
If a lower hierarchy modification (a blend below a blend) creates additional edges, the blend on top of these edges may fail and lead to a partial result.
Modify a blend with a constant radius:
Modify a blend with a variable 2 radius:
To modify a blend,
1. Click Modeling and then, in the Engineering group, click the arrow next to Blend.
2. Click Modify. The Modify Blend dialog box opens.
3. Select a Type: Constant, Var 2 Radius, or Var N Radius.
4. Click Chain Selection if you want to select all tangentially connected faces with a single click. The sequence of faces stops when two faces are not tangentially connected, that is, when a face intersects a corner, for example.
5. Click Blends and select a blend in the viewport. Press Shift to select multiple blends.
Select a blend in the viewport and click on the Command Mini Toolbar (CMT) to modify that blend.
While modifying a blend, drag the CoPilot arrows, press the SPACEBAR, and select Radius or Intersect on the Option Mini Toolbar (OMT). The options available on the OMT depend on the selected element.
6. Type a value for Radius and press ENTER. If you create a Var 2 Radius blend, set the Start Radius and End Radius. Select additional points along the edge for a Var N Radius blend. You can drag the guide arrows in the viewport to change radii.
Click Propagate to propagate the change in a blend radius to subsequently-selected blends if possible. For example, if you change the radius of a blend from 8 to 12 and then select other blends, the radii of other selected blends also change to 12. The Propagate option is not applied for Var N Radius blends.
Click Restore Old to restore the radius of the blend to the value before the currently-active selection. Old Blend Definition shows the value of the radius of the blend before the active selection.
Click Clear active selection to deselect the selected blends.
You can click either Realistic or Quick to see either realistic feedback or quick feedback when you blend an edge in the viewport. See Realistic feedback.
7. For Intersect options, Curvature Continuous, Affected Control options, and Other options, see Blend an edge.
8. Click to complete the operation.