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To measure area
You can measure the area of a closed profile in a workplane. If the workplane contains more than one closed profile, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling calculates and displays the total area of all profiles.
To measure an area,
1. Click Analysis and then, in the Measure group, click Workplane. The Area Props dialog box opens.
2. If necessary, select the workplane containing the profile.
3. Click to complete the operation.
4. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling displays the measured area.
5. Click the green arrow button to send the measurement to a command.
6. Click the green arrow and calculator button to send the measurement to the calculator.
You can use the Report option to save the result to a file. However, the calculated result cannot be used as input in a calculation. To mark the center of gravity, the principal axes, and the radii of gyration of the profile, click Mark on.