Analyze a design > Measure > Measure 3D vectors
Measure 3D vectors
Use the Vector 3D CoPilot to measure vectors. Follow the directions in the Prompt Bar.
1. Click Analysis and then, in the Measure group, click the arrow next to Direction.
2. Click Vector 3D. The Measure Output dialog box opens.
3. Select the direction using the Direction 3D CoPilot. You can choose other Vector 3D measure options with the right-click menu.
4. Move the Vector 3D arrow to the desired length. Click to accept the desired length. The current value is shown near the cursor.
5. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling displays the vector in the X, Y, and Z fields.
6. Click the green arrow button to send the measurement to a command.
7. Click the green arrow and calculator button to send the measurement to the calculator.