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Vector 3D CoPilot
Use the Vector 3D CoPilot to determine a vector by direction and length.
Define the direction with the Direction 3D CoPilot. When the direction has been defined, an arrow is activated to show the direction. The current value is shown near the cursor. Move the Vector 3D arrow to the desired length. Click to accept the current length.
Right-click to access the context menu:
Apply - Apply the axis displayed by the feedback arrow.
Apply Reverse - Apply the reverse axis. Use this menu option or press the Tab key to reverse the axis.
Two Points - Define an axis by picking two points. The distance of the points will be used as vector length and the Vector 3D arrow will not be used.
XYZ System - Select one of the global coordinate system axes, including the reverse ones.
WP System - Select one axis of the reference workplane. By default the current workplane is the reference workplane. Select another reference workplane with the menu item Ref WP.
Vp Dir - The current viewport direction is used.
-Vp Dir - The negative viewport direction is used.
Axis Direction - The axis direction is used for each element that has an axis. If Axis Direction is turned off, the face normal or edge tangent is used.
Modify mode
You may need to modify a previously defined direction, for instance, rotate a direction by 45 degrees, or increase the length of a vector.
When the Vector 3D CoPilot is started in modify mode, a new CoPilot is displayed (see below). In modify mode, the Vector 3D CoPilot has several components serving as handles. You can drag the length or rotate the direction of the vector.
Vector 3D CoPilot in modify mode:
A. Click on the ring to modify the axes.
B. Click on the arc to rotate around the axis.
C. Current vector length.
D. Click on the arc to rotate around the axis.
E. Click on the arrow to modify the length.
Depending on the current command, some components may not be available. If the vector is restricted to a certain plane, for example, only one arc for the rotation around the normal axis of that plane will be visible. When modifying the length is not possible, the arrow is grayed out.
With the Vector 3D CoPilot in modify mode, you can do Tangent specification by:
Changing the direction of the tangent and the weight.
Deleting a tangent using the option Delete Tan from the command dialog, or use Clear from the context menu of the Vector 3D CoPilot.
The next step of the operation is:
Accept - Accept the direction and length.
Reject - Reject all modifications and return the previous value.
New Dir - Activate the Direction 3D CoPilot to define a new vector.
Clear - Clear the vector definition from the current command.