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Clash analysis overview
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2. Run analysis
3. View clash issues
4. Clear issues
A clash analysis is a clash check that you save with an assembly and run whenever you want. Use clash analysis to
Store and reuse clash check definitions and results between sessions.
Run clash analysis on the same parts or assemblies in different configurations.
Annotate and classify existing clash issues.
Run saved clash check definitions on revised models to track common volume problems and touching parts.
In Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager, saved clash analysis results are associated with the assembly content. Analysis results are available whenever the owner assembly is loaded.
You can run clash analysis on the same parts in different configurations. Clash analysis will show in which configurations the clash occurs.
The blue clash analysis icon in the Structure Browser indicates that the analysis is up-to-date with the current assembly. A green icon indicates that the analysis is out-of-date. Right-click the icon to recalculate the analysis. When an assembly is only partially loaded or contains lightweight parts, the state of the analysis is undefined. This is indicated by a yellow icon.