Analyze a design > Clash analysis > Change clash analysis parameters
Change clash analysis parameters
A stored clash analysis saves the clash check parameters, as well as the results of the clash check. Right-click the clash analysis icon in the Structure Browser to
Delete or Rename the entire clash analysis.
Show the Clash Issue Browser, where you can view and edit clash issues.
Modify the clash analysis parameters. Change the clash check options to run a different check. You will need to recalculate the clash to see the results of your new parameters.
Calculate the results of changed parts or changed clash analysis parameters.
Clear all issues in the clash analysis. If you modify your clash parameters, for example, and calculate the clash analysis again without first clearing the issues, the results of both your initial clash check and your modified clash check will appear in the Clash Issue Browser.
Alternatively, you can also perform the following steps:
1. Click Analysis and then, in the Verify group, click More.
2. Click Rename, Delete, or Clear Issues to rename, delete, or clear a clash analysis respectively.