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Using the Structure Browser
The Structure Browser lists all 3D objects and elements (such as workplanes, parts, containers, and assemblies) and shows their interrelationships. You can use the Structure Browser to control the viewport display.
To open and close the browser, press F12 or:
1. Click View and then, in the Window group, click Toolbars.
2. Click Browser Bar.
In the Structure Browser,
Check and uncheck individual items to show or hide them in the viewport.
Use Ctrl+click or Shift+click to select multiple items, then right-click and select Draw Only or Draw Only in New VP to view only those items. Use this function to quickly view Search or Filter results. Use the Window menu to switch between or tile multiple viewports.
Drag and drop objects to move parts or assemblies within the part structure.
Right-click an object to display a menu of possible actions for that object.
Right-click in the browser to display a menu of possible actions for the browser.
The Structure Browser toolbar
The Structure Browser toolbar contains
Show details: Toggle a detailed view on and off.
Search: activate a search. Click the drop-down menu to create a new search, or apply a stored search.
Filter: activate a filter. Click the drop-down menu to create a new filter, or apply a stored filter.
What the browser displays
The Structure Browser is a graphical display tool that uses icons to represent Creo Elements/Direct Modeling 3D objects and elements in a logical tree structure. The following objects are displayed in the browser with their own distinctive icons (their default names are given in parentheses):
Assemblies (a1 ...)
Parts (p1 ...)
Features (feat1 ...)
Workplanes (w1 ...)
Workplane sets (s1 ...)
Containers (c1 ...)
View sets and views (vs1, front1, right1, top1 ...)
Relation sets (rset1 ...)
Elements (ed1, vx1, fa1 ...)
Face parts
Wire parts
Studies (study1 ...)
Coordinate systems (cs1 ...)
Configurations (config1 ...)
Clash analysis (ca1 ...)
To conserve space with large assemblies, the Structure Browser uses pseudo folders to contain shared parcels, feature-based entries, view sets, and docuplane sets if more than one entry of the same type exists under the same parent entry. The folder does not affect the assembly or part hierarchy. Click to expand or collapse the entry.
To change the default folder display, right-click in the Structure Browser and select Settings...
To change the objects displayed, right-click in the Structure Browser and select Show...